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  • Yeni Şık Sıcak Satış LG Stylus 2 Phantom Legend Ağır Koruma için Kickstand Kir Geçirmez Telefon Kılıfı
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Yeni Şık Sıcak Satış LG Stylus 2 Phantom Legend Ağır Koruma için Kickstand Kir Geçirmez Telefon Kılıfı


  • Birim Tipi: parça
  • Paket Boyutu: 51cm x 40cm x 52cm (20.08in x 15.75in x 20.47in)

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Hot Selling for LG Stylus 2 Phantom Legend Heavy Duty Protection Kickstand Dirt Proof Phone Case Free Shipping
1.Following from outstanding technology of forging outstanding product
2.The shell adopts hard PC material, with inner high elastic TPU material .Open the comprehensive protection
3.Not only can protect the cell phone.Can also be as a support.Is also the phone sets.Is also the lazy stents
Company profile
jskei, focusing on mobile phone peripheral products for a decade, provides high-end accessories and services to the world, and constantly innovates to create the ultimate quality.
jskei strong r&d design team, with more than 20 years of industry experience, profound grasp industry trends, Chinese and western culture and the international trend of cutting-edge design, it has a powerful mold design, mold shaping, injection molding processing, complex processing, assembly and other link services.
jskei has a complete and rigorous "research and development of inspiration , design ,production ,supply chain integrationorder ,support ,warehousing logistics,brand communication ,integrated marketing , role and win-win" closed loop industrial chain .It has provided high value-added products and services for more than 30 top global enterprises.
With the good interaction with jskei brand in a wide range of fields, jskei has become the most competitive and influential high-end accessory brand in the world, leading the industry development direction.
User review
The machine shell is installed immediately, and the phone design is very consistent and perfect.It really surprised me.The feeling of the shell is really comfortable ,not soft or hard, just fine.Look at the hole location, it fits perfect , very precise and no deviation.There is a slight prominent place near the camera ,which provides perfect protection to the camera.This design is very clever and special. The expensive price is guaranteed.The color is very beautiful, and the picture has no color difference, so it\'s just high up when the phone wears it.
The phone shell has a good quality !It feels very qualitative when hold it in hand, Simple and generous appearance!Cheap and cost-effective!The back feels very comfortable, the hole position is very accurate!The previous case was broken due to its poor quality, this time I was very satisfied,it\'s very good, high end and upper class.
It is the second time to buy, the mobile phone package is very close and feels very good, buy it quickly if you like it.This case is much better than the previous one, the feeling and the material are very comfortable.I will come back if necessary.
The service and the quality are absolutely first-class.I am very grateful to you for your service attitude.The product is really good.My friends and I will support you as always, and I will always buy your products.May you prosper and be in good health.I will also introduce friends to buy more.Very thin .The real sense of the hands is light and comfortable, with the mobile phone completely identical, it really need to take care of in the heart !I was very satisfied with the product and has already buy another one.The craftsmanship is exquisite, the texture is delicate, the price is not expensive, but the quality is really good. The value is match for its cost, the hole is accurate, and the position of the key is also accurate.It\'s comfortable when you press it.

  • malzeme: PC add TPU
  • perakende Paket: Hayır
  • tip: Yarım sarılmış Kılıf
  • fonksiyon: Kir - dayanıklı,Anti-knock,Kickstand
  • uyumlu Marka: LG
  • Tasarım: Düz,iş
  • boyut: >3.0inch
  • Özellikler: Our factory sells high-quality mobile phone casing
  • Marka Adı: jskei
  • Product categary: Mobile Phone Case
  • Material: High Quality PU Leather
  • SKU: ouqihan-1
  • Function: protects your phone from scratches, bumps, damage and dust.
  • Type: phone case cover
  • Place of Origin: Shenzhen Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Quality: Quaranteed, strict inspection
  • QC: Strict inspection one by one before shipping
  • Certificates: SGS, FDA, and RoHS
  • Delivery Time: within 1-2 days

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